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Parappukavu Temple - History of the Land

Sree Parappukavu Bhagavathy Temple is situated in Parappukavu Desam of Eranellur Village, Kechery, Thrissur District. The famous Pooram of this temple is celebrated every year in “Meenam” as a local festival.

In ancient times, near the river Karuvannur in Irinjalakkuda, a famous and very pious Thandan worshipped Devi Bhagavathy for a very long time. The king at that time has given him a "Kalari" and a place of worship with due respect. He is respectfully called.
“Muthappan” as he protected that place as his own “Thattakam”. From Karuvannur as per the invitation of the King Sri Muthappan reached Parappukavu. The real Devi Bhagavathy was pleased with the piousness of Muthappan and came here under his umbrella’s shelter worshipped with earnest belief in ‘Khali Devi’ and established a ‘Kalari Sangham’. Thus he became ‘Parappuparambil Thandan’. Thalappoli was an important item of the pooram celebrations and this item is also(Thalappoli) celebrated now. It is known that thousands of pious people have been visiting Devi and pooram festival and returning home with satisfaction. It is an old belief that Thayankavil Ayyappan, Melekavu Bhagavathy, Neeelankavil Bhagavathy and Parappukavu Bhagavathy are brothers and sisters.

Sree Thazhathekavu Bhagavathy and Chathan are the other worshipped Moorthys of Muthappan. The customs and manners (pooja etc.) of the Kalari have been beautifully done by Muthappan and after his ‘Samadhi’ his followers continued the same even today.

A small fort was built on the worth eastern side of Parappukavu by the soldiers of Tippu. Soldiers could not reach Thattakam of Parappukavu. Because the immense power Bhadra Khali threatened them.

During the reign of Sakthan Thampuran the temple and suburb areas have been freely surrendered to the temple authorities as he knew the greatness of Parappukavu Bhagavathy.


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