Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My Village

Kechery, a picturesque green frolic and lively town situated 15 km away from Trissur, Kerala, India. It is a place which has its own multifaceted culture and heritage. You can find a mosaic of different cultures, religious and lineages. Kechery is on the bank of everflowing heavenly river "Kechery puzha". there is an age old arecanut market known through out the country. Kechery is renowned for its contributions to world in fields as diversified as football to literature to films.

The residence of Kechery are very lively, well informed and well mannered. They are known throughout the state for their meticulousness and integrity of character.

Kechery is an important business centre in Choondal Grama Panchayath, Thrissur District, Kerala, India. This place is blessed with political, social and cultural activities. Sri.K.P.Aravindakshan, former M.P. (Rajyasabha) and chief whip of Kerala, Yousafali Kechery, the famous film song writer and President of Sahitya Academy, A.S.Firos, Dr. Radhakrishna Kaimal, Sri. P.T.Lazar Master, Sri. E.P. Bharatha Pisharodi, Dr.K.K. Rajan, Sri.C.N. Porinchukutty are some of the important personalities in these fields. The river Kechery begins from Machad forest range which is about 6000 Ft. above the sea level and flowing through different areas and makes Kechery as a beautiful place. Eranellur, Chiranellur and Choondal are situated on both sides of Kechery river. Kechery is surrounded with Peruvanmala hill (East), Choondal hill (South), Choondal rock (West), Pattikara backwater and Parappur backwater (North).

In the field of education, health, transportation etc.the deserving development to this place has not been achieved so far. Almost all the families are depended upon Gulf money as most of youths of this area are employed in Gulf countries.

Health Centers:

  1. Afiya Homoeo clinic, Wadakkanchery Rd., Kechery (Pvt.)
  2. Govt. Ayurvedic Dispensary, Choondal (Govt.)
  3. Kodakattil Ayurvedic Dispensary, Thuvanur, Kechery (Pvt.)
  4. Panchajanyam hospital, Thuvanur, Kechery (Pvt.)
  5. Primary health centre, Chiranellur (Govt.)
  6. Priya Clinic, Wadakkanchery Rd., Kechery (Pvt.)
  7. St. Joseph's hospital, Choondal (Pvt.)
  8. Trinity Speciality Dental Clinic, Knm Rd., Kechery (Pvt.)
  9. V.K. Speciality Dental clinic, Kechery (Pvt.)
  10. Zenith Homoeo clinic, Wadakkanchery Rd., Kechery (Pvt.)
  11. Palathingal Dental Clinic, Sharjah Complex, Kechery (Pvt.)

Schools :

  1. Govt. L.P. school, Aloor Rd., Kechery
  2. Njanaprakasini U.P. school, Aloor Rd., Kechery
  3. Al Ameen High school, Pattikara Rd., Kechery
  4. Mamba Ulhuda U.P. school, Kechery
  5. Al Islah C.B.S.E. school, Kechery
  6. Govt. U.P. school, Choondal
  7. St. Thomas, Parannur
  8. L.I.G.High school, Choondal
  9. St. Joseph L.P. school, Chiranellur
  10. M.M. L.P. school, Pattikara
  11. National L.P. school, Manaly
  12. De Paul English medium higher secondary school, Choondal
  13. Assissi English medium school, Thalakkottukara
  14. Camford Central School, Naduvilangadi, Velur
  15. Govt. R.S.R.V.H.S.S., Velur
  16. St.Thomas U.P. School, Puliyannur
  17. St. Xaviers U.P. School, Velur

Software Training & Development centres:

  1. Webbiz software training & development centre, Wadakkanchery Rd., Kechery
  2. Space Computers, Chiranellur
  3. Vanitha Computer centre, Kechery

Nursing School

  1. St. Joseph Nursing school, Choondal

Parallel Colleges

  1. Hawa institute of Arts & Science, Chiranellur
  2. Sidhartha college, Kechery
  3. Bodhi College, Velur, kechery
  4. Lisiex College, Velur, Kechery
  5. Vidyabhavan College, Velur, Kechery

Engineering College

  1. Vidya Academy of Science and Technology, Thalakkottukara, Kechery


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